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Despite the range of beautiful villas in the area, some visitors will still prefer a totally realaxing break. Free from the toils of shopping and cooking, a hotel stay is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy your preciouse holiday time. Writing the customary postcards will be your only chore!

In addition to the large slection of self-catering accommodation in and around Fiskardo, there are now several excellent hotels.

One of these is actually in the village, a couple are within walking distance and one, a short drive away just outside the village of Magganos.

Although these hotels have their own restaurants, none provide an all inclusive deal at present.

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  Fiscardo Bay Hotel Fiscardo Bay Hotel
Right on the edge of the village, so everything is close to hand and no car required! View of the harbour, stroll to restaurants beaches and bars.
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  Emelisse Hotel Fiscardo  Emelisse Hotel
A beautiful hotel in a sensational location just outside the village. Atmospheric pool terrace with unrivaled views of Ithaca. Shuttle bus to the village.
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  Melmar Hotel Near Fiscardo  Melmar View Hotel
Close to the village of Manganos approximately 5k from Fiscardo with beatiful sunset views and an excellent swimming pool.

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