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15.8 k from Fiscardo

Small Beach

2 Restaurants & 2 Cafes

Interesting old buildings

Fantastic Venetian Fortress

Walking Opportunities

A secluded and unspoiled village. Some would argue more beautiful than Fiscardo. The crowning glory is the ruined Venetian fortress. Built between 1593 and 1596 the castle and settlement were intended to be the self sufficient and  impregnable capital of Kefalonia. Unfortunately, a fundamental but vital oversight meant that  even though unassailable, it didn’t have enough water storage.  Any siege would only last as long as the stored water! More on the history of Assos can be found on Wikepedia

Present day Assos is a great place to visit for a day. If you like quiet, a good place to stay too. There are some lovely houses apartments and even villas with pools. There are a few local fishing boats moored in the sheltered harbour ,also the occassional visiting yacht, but not on the scale of Fiscardo.

Facilities are good. There are two restaurants, two cafe’s and a couple of general stores.  There is also a small shop which sells postcards and souvenirs but again, nothing aimed at the designer goods seeking crowd. Assos is most definitely low key!

Whether you are visiting for the day or staying in the village, a walk up to the fortress is a must. The best time for this is in the evening as, during the morning, the sun shines directly on the track. The road winds slowly up towards the entrance to the fortress and there are some excellent birds eye views of Assos. You will pass a small church on your left which is popular for weddings.  

Finally, the imposing main entrance to the fortress and settlement. You are able to pass through the entrance and explore the area if you wish. A right turn would take you to the highest point with views towards Agrilias and Halikeri.  A left turn will take you towards the old prison section and then onwards towards a desserted village.

There are some lovely rental properties available in Assos, check them out  below:

Cosis Inn

Lovely apartments in Assos – very popular.

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Excellent apartments in Assos

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Portokali Cottage

Lovely atmospheric and original stone cottagewith pool.

Not in Assos, but  great base to visit from.

Portokali Cottage full details

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