Ellie's Bakery

The original Fiscardo Bakery

Ellie’s Bakery

The orginal and oldest bakery in Fiscardo is run by Ellie and her husband. Ellie continues a family tradition as the bakery was founded by her grandfather Patroklo over a hundred years ago, then taken over by her parents and now handed down to Ellie.  Ellie continues to provide delicious freshly baked bread and tasty snacks to the village during the summer.

Behind the counter. you can see a photo montage detailing the history of Ellie’s family and the bakery. In the past, the ovens would have been wood fired as electricity was not available in Fiscardo until 1975.

In addition to a good variety of bread, Ellie takes great pride in baking a tempting range of snacks. Greece is famous for its pies  -cheese pie and spinach pie being the best known. Ellie has taken the recipes for these to a new level and has a tempting range to choose from. There is the usual selection of delicious sticky cakes too.

Ellie’s is open all day, every day for fresh bread. But also remember that if you are planning a day out, Ellies is also a great one, stop picnic shop. Select from the tempting range of cakes and pies. Save time, and the tedium of making your own sandwiches and try some local delicacies at the same time!

Early in the morning, you should be able to find Ellie’s quite literally by following your nose, or more specifically, the smell of freshly baked bread!
Otherwise, you can find Ellie in the small backstreet at the top of the square, just beyond the taxi rank and next door to the pharmacy.

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