Fiscardo to Emblisi Beach

via the Venetian lighthouse and the Emelisse hotel

Emblisi Beach via the Lighthouse and Emelisse Hotel


Distance: 2.08 km
Terrain: Varied , a few stone steps and some moderate gradients
Duration: 50 minutes approx
Views: Spectacular views of Fiscardo, the Ithaca Channel and Lefkas
Points of interest: Venetian lighthouse, Byzantine Basilica, Emelisse Hotel
Other: Swimming possible from flat rocks en-route – refreshments at Emelisse Hotel

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This is probably the best way to get from Fiscardo to Emblisi beach on foot.  There are interesting ruins and some fantastic views. The route will also take you through the grounds of the lovely Emelisse hotel. The hotel has a beautiful swimming pool set in a terrace with fantastic views of Ithaca and Lefkas. There is a bar and restaurant here, so a good place to stop if you are thirsty or hungry!

Start point: The road in front of Nicholas Taverna. This is difficult to miss, as the taverna has an imposing position high on the left hand side of the harbour.
Just walk along the waterfront and past the taverna.  If you wish to visit the lighthouse take the path straight ahead, if you want to shave 10 minute off the time and miss out the lighthouse, take the footbath on the left, signposted Basilicca.

Once you reach the Basilica, walk between the ruins and take the step up (as photograph). Now continue along the path. You should see some a small villa complex on your right – you will be walking parallel to these villas. After a while, the path widens – continue walking parallel to the villas and you will shortly came to the end of the footpath.

There is a fenced garden and a wooden arrow. Turn right here and proceed through the gap in the rocks. You will come out on a gravel track directly outside the gates of Il Borgo Villas.Turn left here and follow the gravel track down. This runs alongside a well kept garden. Bear left at the bottom and continue upwards. The track ends and the road becomes tarmac.  You should pass a gate on your right which says Fiscardo House and Dolicha Villa.

Continue past this and at around 150 meters on your right will see a yellow post marking the entrance to the Emelisse grounds. This is not the main entrance, but a small path which runs behind the tennis courts.
On entering the Emelisse grounds, you will see a sign informing you of this. Follow the pathways downwards and proceed towards the lower exit. You will soon emerge onto the tarmac roads which leads directly to the beach. There is a map of the route here

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