Foki Beach

Amazing Bay with Cave

Foki Bay

Only 1.4 k from Fiscardo

Level Walk from Fiscardo

Safe and Sheltered Water

Restaurant Above Beach

Interesting Cave

Olive Trees for Shade

A very pretty, deep inlet about 20 minutes stroll from Fiscardo. There is also a small taverna – not on the beach but just across the road.
To get to Foki beach from Fiscardo harbour, walk along the front, past the Captain’s Cabin restaurant and follow the tarmac road.
Keep left after the Roman graveyard and follow the coastal road until you reach Foki.   Click here to get Google Maps directions

Just follow the road as it meanders along the coast and admire the views of neighbouring Ithaca as you go.
If you look down to the left, you should notice several places where there are flat rocks giving good bathing access to the sea.
If you are impatient for a dip you may like to stop here!

The picturesque olive grove that borders the beach provides a good picnic spot and welcome shade during the warmer times of day.

If the beach is busy, it could be worth venturing along the footpath that leads out opposite the road as there are numerous flat rocks that provide ideal basking and bathing platforms.

The cave on the right hand side of the bay is interesting. It is possible to swim or take a boat right in and land on a pebbly beach.
From this subterranean beach there is a labyrinth of tunnels which form part of a disused limestone mine.

Warning! It is a fairly long swim to the cave and in an offshore wind, getting back to the beach could prove quite tiring.
It is possible to walk round the cliff path to the area above the cave. However, exploring the tunnels is not recommended and could be dangerous.

It is possible, on a calm day, to take a small boat into the cave. Inside there is a steep beach and the cave widens considerably. Here you can see the entrance tunnels to the old mine. You will also see the stone balancing sculptures left by previous visitors.

Some of the available accommodation close to Foki Beach is listed below:

Spiti Mou

Lovely renovated original stone villa in nearby Tselendata

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Foki Beach House

Just about the closest accommodation to the beach

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Stella Apartments

Lovely views and only a short walk away

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Portokali Cottage

Lovely atmospheric and original stone cottagewith pool.

A great base to explore from.

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