Hotels in Fiscardo

Full service hotels in Fiscardo

In Greece the term ‘ Hotel’ can sometimes be confusing. This is because larger units of holiday accommodation have usually been referred to as hotels. These are often not hotels, but apartments, or hotel apartments.  Below is a list of the ‘full service hotels’ hotels in the Fiscardo area that we are currently aware of:

Fiscardo Bay Hotel

This small family run hotel has 9 rooms and is situated in Fiscardo with some lovely views of the harbour.

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Emelisse Hotel

A 5 star boutique hotel in an unsurpassed location on a natural headland and close to Emblisi beach

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Almyra Hotel

Just a few minutes from Fiscardo.  Friendly hotel with 27 rooms and 2 luxury suites. Magnificent views.

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Melmar View Hotel

Close to Manganos just 5k from Fiscardo. An impressive hotel with fantastic sunset views and swimming pool

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