6th largest Greek island

Kefalonia – The Island

Although Fiscardo is often described as the jewel in the crown of Kefalonia, it is worth remembering that the rest of the island is well worth exploring. Who knows?  You might even find somewhere that you feel is even better than Fiskardo!  A few points on the island below…………

Kefalonia is the largest of the 7 Ionian Islands and the 6th largest in Greece
At 688.8 square kilometers, Kefalonia is larger than Corfu. However, in terms of population and tourism, Kefalonia is far less developed. Although there are some popular resorts on the south of the island, it’s size and diversity have allowed it to retain most of its original character. On Kefalonia it is still possible to find a quite corner of unspoilt Greece.

Real Kefalonian villages
There are approximately 365 villages on Kefalonia. One for every day of the year! A few of these are quite large but many consist of just a two or three houses and a church.

Kefalonia is accessible
With an international airport and regular ferry connections to Italy, the Greek mainland and the neighbouring islands of Ithaca, Zakinthos, and Lefkas. Island hopping around the Ionian, Kefalonia is an ideal starting and finishing point.

Kefalonia has some wonderful beaches
The kefalonian coastline is as varied and interesting as the island. In addition to the famous Myrtos beach, Kefalonia can boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. In the south of the island the beaches are generally sandy, whilst towards the north, the beaches and coves are of the pebbly variety. Kefalonia’s northern shores are ideal for exploration by boat

Kefalonian Accommodation
From the simple rent rooms preferred by backpackers, to luxury self contained villas. Kefalonia has them all. There are more hotels around Argostoli. the capital of Kefalonia and towards the south of the island.

Transport on Kefalonia
If you wish to explore Kefalonia by road, then you will find plenty of car and motorbike hire shops on the island. If you wish to explore Kefalonia’s coast by sea then you can find boats for hire in Sami and Fiscardo. There is also a bus service operating from the main bus station in Argostoli.

Kefalonia is also known as Kefalinia, Cephalonia, Kefallonia and Cephallonia
However, rest assured that whether you spell Kefalonia,Kefalinia, Cephalonia, Kefallonia or Cephallonia, they all refer to one and the same.


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