Kimilia Beach

Small But Beautiful

Kimilia  Beach


2.9 k from Fiscardo.

Woodland Walk from Emblisi

Can drive and then a Short Steep Footpath.

Plenty of Flat Rocks for Swimming from.


Kimilia Beach was once a well kept secret and the refuge of locals during the busiest summer months. Now clearly signposted from the main road, Kimilia is a secret beach no more. To visit Kimilia by car, take the main road out of Fiscardo towards Argostoli, continue past the Almyra Hotel on your right. Soon, you will come to a souvenir shop on your left. Opposite the shop you should see a track signposting Kimilia to your right.

The track down to the beach was quite rough but for 2022 there should now be a concrete road. Some people chose to leave their car on the main road and walk, but this would take an extra 10 minutes or so.  Continue down the track as far as you can go, and there will be a footpath to your left which leads down to the beach. The only negative aspect of the new road is that this minature beach will become more crowded – try to get there early.
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As Kimilia is so small it can become crowded quite easily. If you find that there is not enough space on the beach, clamber round the rocks to the right of the beach and you will find large, flat gently sloping rocks. Ideal for sunbathing and accessing the sea for a refreshing swim.

There is a lovely woodland path connecting Kimilia with Emblisi beach. An alternative way to get to Kimilia is via Emblisi beach. There is a lovely woodland walk linking the two beaches. For details of this walk, please visit the walking section of the website.

Some of the available facilities closes to This Beach are listed below:

Portokali Cottage

Lovely atmospheric and original stone cottagewith pool.

A great base to explore from.

Portokali Cottage full details

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