Walk from Emblisi to Kimilia

A walk through the woods

Emblisi to Kimila Walk


Distance: 2.6 km return
Terrain: Some steep gradients and uneven in places
Duration: 30 minutes each way
Views: Glimpses of Lefkada through the trees
Points of interest: Ancient stone walls, Mediterranean Oak forest, wild flowers
Other: Swimming possible from flat rocks en-route

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A lovely woodland walk between two beautiful beaches. Sturdy shoes are advised as the terrain is rough in places. The woods are quite ancient and completely natural, so the odd fallen branch or tree trunk may need to be negotiated.

Start point:  Emblisi beach just beyond the refreshment caravan. There is a wooden gate at the start of the footpath. During the winter months, there are sometimes goats or sheep beyond the gate, so please take care to close it behind you.

A few yards beyond the gate, you will see a some rough stone steps to your left. You should also notice the small blue and white painted walk marker. You will see these at points along the route – sometimes on stones and sometimes in trees. Follow the path and continue into the woods.

The first part of the walk is a gentle ascent.  Aroud half way, you will begin a descent towards the sea. During the walk you will be passing through a virtual arboretum which has remained untouched for centuries.  The majority of the trees are wild oak, mastic, wild olive and cypress. Depending on the time of year, different migratory birds may be seen.  In late spring and early summer, you may also see the occasional snake.

After fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on your speed, you will begin to descend towards the sea and will shortly come to the base of a hill. Here, there is an opportunity to access the sea via some large flat rocks. If you wish to continue, turn and continue in parallel to the coast. Shortly, the path will end, and Kimilia beach will be directly below you. It is then easy to scramble down the narrow track to the beach.

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