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It is always useful to know a few words of the language of the country you are visiting.  Although English is widely spoken in most areas frequented by visitors, in some of the more remote villages you will still find people who only speak Greek . Taking the time to learn a little vocabulary can be very useful and also indicates that you have a deeper interest in the island and it’s people.
The following is a rough and ready guide to some commonly used words and phrases. Choose a topic to see the associated vocabulary.


These usually have two forms. Either formal / informal or plural. For instance – if you wish to say hello to a friend you know well, you say ”Yassoo” however if you are speaking to a person you don’t know well or more than one person you use “Yassas”

Hello / Goodbye – formal – Yassas
Hello / Goodbye – informal – Yassoo
Good morning – formal – Kalimerasas
Good morning – informal- Kalimera
Good afternoon – formal – Kalisperasas
Good afternoon – informal – Kalispera
Good night – formal – Kali nichtasas
Good night – informal- Kali nichta
How are you? – formal – Ti kanete?
How are you? – informal – Ti kanis
Very well- Poli kala


I would like – Tha eethela
Have you got? – Ehis?
How much? – Poso Kani?
Expensive-  Akrivos
Very Expensive – Poli akrivos
Cheap – Fthino
Cheaper – Fthinotera



Bread – Psomi
Butter – Vootiro
Coffee (instant) – Nescafe
Tea – Tsai
Milk – Gala
Sugar – Zahari
Honey – Meli
Jam – Marmelatha
Yoghurt – Yaorti
Cheese – Teeree
Eggs – Avga
Chicken – Kotopolo
Beef – Vothino
Minced beef – Keema
Pork – Hirino
Sausages – Loukanika
Fish – Psari
Olive oil – Eliolatho
Matches – Spirtha
Toilet paper- Harti Eeyeas
Aspirin – Aspirini
Soap – Sapooni

Fruit and Vegetables

Potatoes – Patatas
Tomatoes – Domates
Onions – Kremithia
Garlic – Skortha
Cucumber – Angori
Peppers – Piperies
Aubergines – Melitsanes
Courgettes – Kolokithakia
Lemons – Limonia
Oranges – Portokalia
Peaches – Rothakina
Apples – Mila
Grapes – Stafilia



Room – Thomatio
House – Spiti
Hotel – Xenothohio
Studio – Garsoniera
Apartment – Thiamerisma
Single room – Monoglino
Double room – Thiglino
With breakfast – Me proino

Days of the Week

Day – Mera
Sunday – Kiriaki
Monday – Thevtera
Tuesday – Triti
Wednesday – Tertarti
Thursday – Pempti
Friday – Paraskevi
Saturday – Savato
Week – Evthomatha
Today – Simera
Tomorrow – Avrio
The day after tomorrow –
Yesterday – Ekthes
The day before yesterday –



Sound all th as th in ‘this’

One – Ena
Two – Thio
Three – Dria
Four – Tessera
Five – Penday
Six – Exi
Seven – Evta
Eight – Okto
Nine -Enea
Ten – Theka
Eleven – Entheka
Twelve – Thotheka
Thirteen – Theka-dria
Fourteen – Theka-tessera
Fifteen – Thekapenday
Sixteen – Theka-exi
Seventeen – Theka-evta
Eighteen – Theka-okto
Nineteen – Theka-enea
Twenty – Eekossee
Thirty – Drianda
Forty – Saranda
Fifty – Peninda
Sixty – Exinda
Seventy – Evthominda
Eighty – Ogthonda
Ninety – Eneninda
One hundred – Ekaton
One thousand – Heelia
One million – Ena ekatomirion



Help – Voyeethea
Police – Astinomia
Fire – Forteear
Doctor – Yiatros
Hospital – Nosokomion



Where is…? – Poo-inay
Right – Thexia
Left – Aristera
Straight on – Efthio
Opposite – Apenandi
Behind – Piso
In front of – Bros to


So you really are serious about learning Greek? This is rather beyond the scope of this page, as the above is just a basic list. One of the main obstacles to learning Greek, especially in areas catering to tourism, is that even if you make an effort with your best Greek, the reply will often be in near perfect English. However, if you wish to persevere, consider taking a course or downloading an app.  One of the best Apps is duolingo which is available for both IOS and Android and is completely free!

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