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Fiscardo Taxi drivers know the area

Taxis can be found at the taxi rank at the top of the main square. If you are arriving at the  airport and need a taxi to Fiscardo, there are good reasons to use one of the local drivers rather than pick up a taxi outside the terminal building:

Firstly, the Fiscardo taxi drivers have a thorough knowledge of all the accommodation in the area and will know the exact location of your hotel, villa or apartment.

Secondly, the Fiscardo taxi drivers operate a fixed pricing scheme and will all charge the same price for the same route.

Thirdly, you are helping to support the local community!

On arriving at the airport, the last thing you need is to barter with a taxi driver over the price and distance – by pre-booking with one of the Fiscardo taxi drivers, the price will be fair and fixed.

If you are staying in one of the nearby villages and want a night out, without having to worry about alcohol limits and driving, then its a great idea to call one of the Fiscardo taxis. The drivers know all the accommodation in the area so will find you easily.
Check out the list of contact details below:


+30 694 558 1792

Voice, Whatsapp, Viber and Text messages


+30 698 436 6800

Voice and Text messages


+30 695 885 0270

Voice, Whatsapp, Viber and Text messages

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