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Before tarmac roads were built, a vital network of donkey tracks and footpaths linked the villages and hamlets. Years of neglect left these once vital communications routes, to become overgrown and impassable. The good news is, that with the generous help of a philanthropic donor and  hard work from local volunteers, many of these pathways have been cleared and re-opened. These reclaimed footpaths provide a multitude of walking opportunities – all in an area of unsurpassed natural beauty.
We have described some simple and easy routes around Fiscardo and will add more soon.
Before you set off, make sure you take plenty of drinking water, sunscreen, a hat and good solid shoes not sandals!
Mobile phones equipped with GPS can be helpful too!

The Lighthouse Walk

An easy walk through the pine trees. Lovely views of the Ithaca channel and an opportunity to swim from the rocks en-route.

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Walk to Emblisi beach via the Lighthouse and the grounds of the Emelisse Hotel.

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Emblisi to Kimilia

A continuation of the Fiskardo to Emblisi route, or an individaul jaunt if you’ve driven to Emblisi.

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The Desserted Village

An interesting afternoon exploring an intriguing village. Option to continue to Antipata and beyond.

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A continuation of the Antipata walk and the Best way to get to Dafnoudi on foot from Fiscardo. See the WW2 gun emplacements too!

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There is now an extensive network of footpaths in the area.

These have been cleared, signposted and mapped by a local group funded by a philanthropic benefactor.

Details of these routes can be found on the Footpaths of Erissos website.

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