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E-Bike Hire and Tours

E-Bike  Hire and Tours

Cycling has long been popular as a way to explore and enjoy the outdoor world. Fiscardo has some amazing places to explore but with a traditional bicycle some of the gradients can become a little tiring.  Stuggling uphill is now a thing of the past!  Modern E-Bikes, harnessing a combination of technology and natural power give the right amount of help exactly when you need it. What better way to explore this unspoilt natural environment than a non poluting, quiet, power assisted E-Bike.

Now available in Fiscardo, E-Bikes are high tech bicycles. In towns and cities, E-Bikes are becoming very popular as an economical and cost efficient method of commuting. You do have to pedal an E-Bike, but there is a very efficent high powered electric motor which will assist you where necessary, making cycling a whole new experience. The electric motor is powered by a lightweight battery and controlled by an on-board computer which decides when the motor is required. For instance, when coasting downhill at high speed the motor would not be required and instead, the energy generated would be stored in the battery for later use. E-Bikes are ideal for exploring the Fiscardo area, as there are some hills which could be a challenge on a conventional bicycle. No licence is required to use an E-bike.

Ionian E-Bikes have a fleet of the latest E-Bikes from the Haibike range – these bikes are manufactured in Germany and are renowned for durability and reliability.  You may hire an E-Bike by the day, week or even longer. You could even rent a bike for the duration of your stay!  More interesting though, is the fact that Ionian E-Bikes run guided E-Bike tours.
The tours are graduated so you may select from easy, medium or advanced. These graduations are measured mostly in terms of distance and then terrain. On the tour you will be accompanied by an experienced guide with years of accumulated local knowledge.  Your guide will take you to beaches for swimming breaks, but also to places of beauty and interest that you would be unlikely to discover on your own.

The guided E-Bike tours cost €59.00 per person and include the hire of the bike and either a picnic lunch provided by Ionian E-Bikes, or lunch at a restaurants en-route. Whether you stop at a restaurant or have a  picnic will depend on the route.  There are a minimum number of participants required for a guided tour, so please contact us as far in advance as possible, if you’d like to join.

E-Bikes can also be hired independently by the day so you can explore at your own pace.
Rates as below:
1 Day €44.00
2 Days €69.00
3 Days €89.00
4 Days €110.00
5 Days €125.00
6. Days €139.00
7. Days €159.00
Included in the price: Safety equipment , battery charger (for more than one day rental) , bicycle lock , cargo rack, tyre repair kit and, If required,a baby seat.

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E-Bikes can be deliverd to your accommodation in the Fiscardo area at no extra charge.

For enquiries regarding tours and availability, please use the contact form, alternatively call Ionian E-Bikes on:
+30 698 8372 393
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