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Bring your EV to Greece!

Bring Your Electric Car to Fiskardo!

Bring your electric vehicle to Fiscardo and explore Kefalonia in an eco-friendly way! While there are currently no EV chargers in Fiscardo, the future looks bright for electric vehicle infrastructure on the island. In the meantime, you can conveniently charge your EV at the nearest charger, located at Aghia Jerusalem beach. Just a short 10-minute drive from Fiscardo, you can indulge in a delicious meal or relax on the beach while your car charges. For drivers exploring North Kefalonia, the beautiful village of Assos offers another charging option. And if you’re in need of a fast charge, you can easily access a 60kw DC charger in Argostoli. Start your electric adventure in Greece and experience the convenience of sustainable travel. Visit Fiscardo.com for more information and plan your EV journey today!

EV charging at Aghia Jerusalem

Currently there are no EV chargers in Fiscardo – this will undoubtedly change in the future, so watch this space!
The good news is, that the nearest charger is not far away.
The forward thinking Oddy, who runs the restaurant at Aghia Jerusalem beach, has installed the first public charger in the area.
At 9.2km and a 10 minute drive  from Fiskardo, you can enjoy an excellent meal or relax on the beach whilst you car is charging.
We understand that this is an AC charger with a maximum charge rate of 22kw.
Payment is through an app.

For electric car drivers exploring North Kefalonia, the next closest charger is located in the beautiful village of Assos.
This is an AC charger with a reported maximum charge rate of 11kw.
An app is required to charge at this charger.  This is the ‘EV Loader’ app which can be downlaoed and installed from Google Play.
EV Loader also have a website giving details of all chargers in Greece that work with the app. Click EV Loader to visit

EV Charging Assos Kefalonia

If you need a fast charge, then the most easily accessable 60kw DC  charger is in Argostoli.
To use this unit, you’ll need the ‘Incharge’ app which can be download from Google play.  Incharge have a large network of chargers throughout Greece and a comprehensive network.  For more details in English, visit the Incharge website

There is a second Incharge EV charger on the road between Argostoli and Poros.  This may be useful for drivers travelling to the port.

For electric vehicle drivers exploring  Kefalonia and Greece in general, the good news is that new chargers and networks are being installed.  A lot of these will work with RFID cards you may already have. The Elli card works well in France, Italy and Greece.
The national electricity provider of Greece,  D.E.H. has  started a service called DEI Blue and are installing a network of chargers nationwide.  Currently, there is just one DEI Blue charger on Kefalonia. This is in Lixouri.  For more details visit the DEI Blue website.

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