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Fiscardo is one of the best locations on Kefalonia from which to rent a boat. The reason for this, is that the relatively sheltered channel between Kefalonia and Ithaca provides a safe and interesting cruising area, ideal for both beginner and experienced captains. Hire a boat from Fiskardo and you can search for your own own secluded cove, or even cross the narrow channel to explore the neighbouring island of Ithaca. There are countless bays and coves not accessible by land which makes it possible to find an empty beach and relax in privacy, away from the crowds.
Although there are plenty of small coves within easy reach of Fiscardo. The more adventurous seafarers might like to cross the channel to Ithaca, tie up in the miniature harbour of Ancient Polis and perhaps walk up to the village of Stavros for lunch or a coffee.

DD Boat Hire Fiscardo

DD Boat Hire

The first boat hire company to operate from Fiscardo. DD Boat Hire run a fleet of boats with reliable modern 25 hp four stroke engines.

Fiscardo Boat Hire

Fiscardo Boat Hire

Fiscardo Boat Hire have the largest rental fleet in Fiscardo. Select from 25 hp runabouts to RIBS and small cruisers. Private charter available too.
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Reggina Boat Hire Fiskardo

Regina's Boat Hire

Regina’s boats offers a wide range of boats for hire in Fiscardo. Boats have either 25 or 30 hp engines and some of the larger craft can take up to 8 people.

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Renting a boat is a safe and fun way to explore the local coastline and taking in the views from a very different perspective. If you have not used a boat before, do not worry. All the Fiscardo based boat rental companies will give you instructions on the basics of boat handling. You will also be given a map of the area and a telephone number so that, in the unlikely event of any problem, you can call for assistance.

In general most of the boats are licensed to carry up to 5 people including the driver though some companies have a couple of boats that can accommodatye 7 or 8. The capacity rule is strictly imposed as the local Port Authorities keep a close eye on rental boat operations and all craft are subject to strict inspections. Each boat is equipped with life jackets and safety equipment – there are sufficient buoyancy aids for the number of people that the boat is licensed to carry.  Similar tight controls are also in place regarding the weather and if there is any possibility of bad weather, the boats will not be allowed to leave port. This decision is taken and implemented by the Port Authority, not the operators.

The cruising area is also strictly controlled.  Hire craft are permitted to travel up to 3 nautical miles from the port of origin. This give boats leaving from Fiscardo plenty of scope to travel northwards as far as Dafnoudi and the same distance in a southerly direction. The good new is that this is a good distance and even allows you, in ideal conditions, to make the crossing to Polis Bay on Ithaca.  If you are planning to cross the channel, do check with the operator as they will know if the sea state is suitable.

The cost of fuel is not included in the hire rates by any of the boat hire companies. Usually, you will be given a full tank of fuel when you take the boat and then charged for the amount used on your return. It is worth remembering that boats with outboard engines, will use more fuel than a small hire car for a given distance.
It is impossible to state exactly what your fuel consumption will be. The number of passengers in the boat, weight distribution, headwinds, sea condition and driving technique are all factors that can affect the boats fuel usage. As a rough guide it is usually possible to proceed to the extent of the cruising limit and back to Fiscardo on one tank. However this is not always the case, so it is important to keep a regular check on your fuel level. We suggest, that to start with, you look at the tank every hour or so. You will soon get an idea of how much you use. If you have been travelling away from Fiscardo and you are close to half a tank – it’s time to start heading back!

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