The local beach


Emblisi Beach

Only 1.2 k from Fiscardo

Safe and Sheltered Water

Beach Bar

Flat rocks to bask on

Plenty of parking

Emblisi is the favourite beach of many locals. In addition to being extremely beautiful, it has the advantage of being easily accessible and a safe place to swim. It is almost as though Emblisi has a secret timetable. At the crack of dawn, the senior citizens of the area can be seen bathing and chatting in the early morning sunshine. Around 10:00 am, the visitors to the are begin to trickle down. Later in the afternoon, after siesta time, local children , often accompanied by grandparents come to swim and play in the shallows

There is some natural shade on Emblisi. This is provided by a few olive trees lining the beach and, depending on the position of the sun in the sky, the rocks either side of the bay.  Beach umbrellas can be used. However, as Emblisi is a pebble beach, the only way to make your secure an umbrella is by building a wall  of rocks around the pole.  Towards the right hand side of the beach, there is a coveted patch of sand!

If you didn’t have time to prepeare a picnic, don’t worry!
There is a well stocked caravan on the far side of the beach.
The menu is quite extensive and it is possible to buy a good range of coffee, sandwiches, rolls, beer and wine , ice cream etc, etc.

The owner sometimes plays some nice relaxing music too!

In July and August. Emblisi beach can become quite busy.  If you need some more space, you will find plenty of ideal basking and swimming spots on the flat rocks that line either side of the bay.

The clear water and interesting rock formations also make Emblisi ideal for snorkelling

Getting to Emblisi either by car or on foot is very simple. Take the main road out of Fiscardo in the direction of Antipata. Pass the turning for the ferry on your right and shortly after, you will come to Rotsi’s bakery. Take the turning to the right which is signposted to Emblisi. The beach is at the bottom of the hill.

Some of the available facilities closes to Emblisi Beach are listed below:

Emelisse Hotel

An exceptional 5 star hotel perched on a promontory with exquisite views of Ithaca and Lefkas. Also just a short walk from Emblisi beach.

Full details


Janet's Art Pension

Rooms to rent with style, in a beautiful location about 7 minutes walk from Emblisi beach.


Portokali Cottage

Lovely atmospheric and original stone cottagewith pool.

A great base to explore from.

Portokali Cottage full details

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